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Pulling off the band aid

I cannot commit to a blog. I am a blog flake. Nothing I’m proud of, but something that I am.

But with this huge move to California that I’m about to embark, I think a blog is what I need. We will see. It’ll help me keep in touch with my husband while he’s at school. Text messages are great, but he can’t know what’s going on in my head unless I tell him, and this will give him the option if he wants to know or not. But just between the internet and me, he’s a bit nosey, he’ll read it.

I am going to attempt a picture a day blog. I can do that. I have this fancy camera now, so I should at least put it to some use.

That’s what I feel this is, pulling off the band aid. Putting up the first blog.

Those are probably 3 out of the 4 favorite people in my life. My two step-children, who call me mom and my Bandit bear.

Justin Jr- He’s the sweetest child that you could ever meet. He loves being loved. He loves being there for everyone. He loves loving you. He wants so much to be a big helper. He is so smart and so social. He is missing his top two teeth, so he eats out of the side of his mouth. He has never bitten into an apple. He is the curious one who wants to search through everything, eat everything, and touch everything. He breaks more things than I can think of.

Abigail- She’s the feisty one. She has the energy of the world stored into her little body. She tells stories with her whole body. Her eyes can get as big as her face. She can still fit into her shorts from last summer even though she eats more than normal adults do. She is the instigator of fights and trouble. She is always the first to cry though.

Bandit- He’s not a dog anymore, he’s a person. He has his own personality. He has his own girlfriend, Hannah. He has anxiety while I’m gone. He is a racist (by birth, not a taught thing). My husband gave him to me before he deployed. Bandit was my rock. He’s a lab weimaraner mix, super tall and super skinny. Just like the kids.

They are my favorite photo shot, because they are all pure love. And who doesn’t enjoy pure love?


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