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Moving day(s)

If anyone has ever known anyone in the military, has ever seen a true documentary, or just watch the news, you would know military families get moved around a lot. Army Wives is not an accurate description sorry. We are moving.

Usually the Army would do it for you, except we are moving early. My husband is going to school the next two months next week and our lease is up Wednesday. So we thought we would be snazzy and move early.

Two flaws.

1. We have no clue where we are going. We asked/begged for California, but who really knows.

2. We have to move out ourselves.


My lovely daughter decided the rental truck was her new home. They had a ball running around and playing in it. We loathe the thing.

My entire body hurts now. And now I am rushing off because my washer is broken. Mid cycle.

Sigh. Hopefully it will all be better next week.


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