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Morning Breakfasts

Breakfast for our family can be one huge clustered mess.

Since I’ve been trying to eat clean, it makes morning routine even harder. I’ve been making oatmeal every day for the kids and my husband, when he is around.

This morning was a bad morning for our family. We ran out of the quick oats and my husband couldn’t find the other big container of oatmeal, so he was stuck searching looking for an old box of cream of wheat that we’ve had in the pantry for six months. I was in the bathroom showering while this little melt down happened. I kept getting interrupted to answer questions about where things were. Eventually everyone was fed, and life went on.

I decided tonight that it would not happen again.

So I took these mini zip lock bags that I had from the dollar spot (again they’ve been sitting in the pantry about a year), measured out half a cup of oats, pre mixed sugar, and cinnamon. Now my husband can’t ever complain about not finding breakfast supplies.

Box of Quaker Oatmeal 10 pack it costs online about 3 dollars.

My mix for 30 meals – 5.50

Instant Oatmeal (generic brand) – 2.00

30 Tsp. of Sugar – .80

7.5 Tsp of Cinnamon – 1.70

20 ziploc bags (reused them) – 1.00

So I might spend for a busy family of 4 about 22 dollars total, and that’s if we eat every single morning (my husband and I). If I bought pre-mix I would be spending 36 dollars. That doesn’t seem like a lot of money but over a course of a year it is 168 dollars.

It’s about 20 minutes to set up 2 weeks’ worth of breakfast, but it will make your mornings go faster for those two weeks.

Clean eating doesn’t have to cost more. It’s supposed to make you feel healthier and make your family better.


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