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First Day of Kindergarten

I thought that I was going to be the toughest mom out there on the drop off playground today. I thought I was going to drop him off, give him a peace sign and start my 2 1/2 hours free of my oldest child. That’s long enough for a nap. It was going to be a good day.

But then I got into the car and all the emotions hit me. I remembered who he was two years ago, this scared little boy who barely spoke. I remembered who he was a year ago, the brave little boy who tested his boundaries with very colorful language. Watching him with such confidence, and a huge backpack, walk into that school made me cry like I haven’t in a long time. I did not cry sad tears, or tears of pity, but those of hope. Hope that one day his terrible past could be fixed with years of happy memories. Today I sent a happy, healthy, and confident child into school today. Those words did not describe him two years ago, or even a year ago. There were no tears or clinging to my arm like he did the first day of playgroup.

I love my step-son and I am so proud of who he is and who he will become.


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