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Sick Days and School Days

I am currently sick. Not just sick “ugh” but I spend more time in the bathroom than I do in bed. I can’t stop vomiting, and I’ve had a three day migraine.
But as a mom you can’t just take the day off. My husband took off of work today, but still at 7 a.m. I was awoken to “sweetie can you help him get dressed” and I helped. I more like told him where everything he was suppose to wear was. I know, I know, doesn’t sound helpful. But he was dressed correctly before he left.

I just put up my sons first day of school album on facebook and he looks so handsome.

See he’s adorable! I can’t believe how big he is. Oh how I love him.

Oh and I started school on Monday too! And by midnight Thursday I was suppose to read 100 pages in 1 book and write a 1 1/2 page paper about it. That’s just in one of my classes. Sigh. So I might’ve had a mini stroke while doing it. Plus I was sick and trying to write this all out between vomits.

I know gross right? I don’t have a filter. Especially online, because really no one is reading this. Everyone is coming here taking my recipe for laundry detergent. I love the detergent, so steal the recipe.

Well I hope everyone else’s week is better than mine at least.


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