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My husband decided to check out another girls ass on Saturday. Then have a conversation with his friend from work about her ass in front of me. They tried to mumble and speak in code. But I was watching them! I have 2 small children and super sonic hearing. The kids can come up with a better code then they did.

I was so embarrassed that I left the 5k race before it began. I wasn’t made. She was bending over stretching and was wearing bright teal shorts. I checked her ass out. No homo. I was embarrassed that my husband would treat me like that in front of everyone he works with. I feel like he has zero respect for me.

Saturday night we got into again about how I think it’s unfair that he allows his co-workers to smoke in front of the kids, but gives his ex-wife a hard time. He can’t have double standards. Especially because the boy has sensitive lungs and the last time he was around his biological mother, I had to take him to the doctor and he got an inhaler. She refused to stop smoking until she got pregnant. Sigh.

So I have this boy in my past who I was in love with. Like a fantasy type love because I never knew how it played out. So he was my perfect man because he never messed it up lol. His mother was battling lung cancer last time we spoke. I sent an email to his email address that I’ve had for 4 years. I didn’t think he would write back. Who checks their email accounts that they had 4 years ago? I don’t. With my luck he responded. His mother had passed.

I cried when I read his email. I knew how close they were and how much the family depended on her to stay together. I cried for him, not because I have emotions for him.

My husband is now upset with me and told me that my actions have put our relationship in jeopardy. Are you kidding me? This is just stupid! I did nothing wrong and didn’t cross any lines. I was concerned about someone who meant something to me in the past.

Stupid husbands.


2 thoughts on “Jealousy

  1. I don’t want to get too personal on here but….If he is a past boyfriend, I can see why your husband would be upset, kind of put yourself in his shoes. Although I do agree with you that you didn’t do anything wrong, you just wanted to see how his mom was doing. Personally, I’d probably not be OK if my hubby was talking to one of his past girlfriends. If he maybe spoke to me about it before hand, then I’d probably be OK because if he is being open then I can respect that. Of course I’d state how I feel about the whole thing and tell him to make sure it is nothing more than an email seeing how a family member was and showing his condolences.

    As far as your husband checking out another woman and talking about it. I think that’s disrespectful if you’re there. But please don’t say you don’t check out guys, even if it’s just on TV and think ‘damn he is hot’ especially around friends. I think it is natural to look and maybe say something. It’s not natural to obsess and maybe talk to her, which he didn’t do. Just tell him you felt disrespected. I’m sure he will understand.

    BTW I don’t think it’s OK for anyone to smoke around young kids. If he won’t say anything, you say something or move the kids to another area until they finish smoking. Just a thought.

    • Actually about the smoking, I did do that. When he asked why I wasn’t hanging out with them I stated “Oh you know how Bubs is around smoke. And I’m not taking him back to the dr for another inhaler, it’s too far of a drive now”. I tried making it into a joke, and he told me I was acting superior than the others and he could see why they didn’t like me. The rest of the day everyone ignored me. ANOTHER reason why I felt really uncomfortable.

      The thing is about the guy he isn’t really an ex-bf, we were in that talking phase, and never did anything about it. And it’s been stated that if Justin had came around one week later, I probably would have been dating him. SO yeah I totally get why he’s upset. I really really do. Just in my situation I wish he would just cut me some slack. I talk to his ex wife on a daily basis. That’s not weird at all lol. I get where he’s coming from, I just wish he wouldn’t have gotten so mad. Now he’s acting like it never bothered him at all.

      He’s a strange one lol.

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