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We all have a favorite child. I know I do. Oh shit I said it out loud.

If you haven’t read this article, it’s time that you do it.

My son is my favorite. Stop it. Stop thinking I am this horrible person. My son is cuddly, sweet, helpful, and sincere. He gets into candy and talks back, but dang it, he’s mine. He gets his courage from me. I raised him to be independent and tell his opinion. No matter how much it annoys me. Honestly there’s been times that I have yelled at him that if he spoke another word that his day was going to come to a tragic end. Like his toys would be all gone, come on I’m not going to hurt my favorite child. Ha. I won’t hurt  either one.

You think that just because he’s my favorite that he gets special treatment. You are hilarious. My son has it so much harder than his sister. Because he’s my favorite I expect him to be the best. Guess what? He is. He has the best manners, there is multiple girls in his class that have a crush on him (cause he’s cute), he can wash his own clothes, and he knows his place. We don’t allow him to get away with anything because he’s my favorite. He is the direct reflection of me.

My daughter is funny, sneaky, and does things to annoy her brother so he will hit her. He’s five, he’s going to hit. I don’t allow it and he gets punished. But she eggs him on. She is everyone’s best friend. She is flimsy and loves anything and everything.

Maybe writing this I favorite the boy more because he is loyal to me. I know he loves his biological mother and he didn’t start calling me “mom” until she freaked out on him to call her mom. (That worked out great for her lol, that’s another blog.) But, he understands what’s going on and is loyal to me because he know I won’t go anywhere. Well I keep threatening I’m running away to Hawaii, that’s pipe dream ha. The girl doesn’t care and loves her the same.

It’s going to be bad for her when she realizes the favoritism that her biological mother is giving her new little brother. I may favorite the boy, but I don’t treat him special for it. The girl lives in this delusional bubble and it’ll pop when she gets to middle school. I love that he doesn’t live in the bubble. It breaks my heart when I pick him up and he goes “Mommy, Vanessa was happy that we were leaving. I don’t wanna go back”. I don’t want him to feel that way. I want him to feel overly loved. It doesn’t make me feel good when he asks me stuff like “If Vanessa doesn’t buy my ticket, do I have to go there for Christmas, I just want to stay with you” or when he asks me to go out to California with him. He has come to the idea that he can stay with me and Grandma and he spends the day with her.

Now that I went off on my ramble, I am crying. That was way too personal, and I shouldn’t have shared.

My stepson is my favorite, and I am not ashamed. My princess is my little girl and I treat her like one. I kinda spoil her. I spoil my non-favorite.

Don’t judge me because I admit my favorite. My husband’s favorite is the girl by the way. We aren’t mean to one over the other. We want the same thing for them in their future. But we do have our favorite’s. So do you by the way.


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