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Thursday is the new Friday

Today has been a completely awesome and amazing day! I wish I could do lines of explanation points. So let’s start from the beginning.

My husband didn’t have to go in early today so I got to wake up with him and spend a hectic morning with him. We were late for school, but hey I got to see my family and it was so nice to cuddle a little more.

While my husband was at work I test drove a Hyundai Elantra. I really didn’t like the Honda Civic, well I really loved the price. The Elantra had heated seats, and I knew as long as the price could be haggled we could get the Elantra instead.

We got our school refund check in. I was so flipping excited for it! I got our phones turned on (had to choose between groceries or phone, we chose food) and got to spend lunch with my family. I love spending time with my kids when they are good. I even like being around them when they are bad. God, I just love those kids.

My son got in trouble for being too good today. I’m not even joking with you. I had to yell at him to stop refilling my cup.

We bought my daughter a new car seat. We got into a small fender bender and my daughter slammed her head against the window. Not hard. She didn’t even cry. But hard enough I freaked out. We didn’t even have paint damage on the truck, but I was convinced I needed a high back booster. We got her one. This was the first booster seat with harness that I had to put together on my own. Most moms do that when their child is days old, I did mine when she was 4. That’s how I know I’m a step-mom lol.

My son got in trouble for helping his sister too much in her car seat. He is such a good kid.

My husband got off of work at 5. Oh my goodness. That’s so EARLY compared to the rest of the nights.

I took my husband to go test drive the Elantra, and guess who is a new owner of an 2013 Elantra? ME! Well my husband and I are, but we all know it’s my car. It’s so nice and the color I wanted. Sigh. I’m in love with it. They are financing us at 4.75% (and that’s really good for our credit rating) and our payments will be lowered 100 bucks a month and our gas mileage has DOUBLED.

We then ate at this amazing restaurant called “A Cheeseburger in Paradise” and oh my goodness, that place just gets better every time we eat there. There was live music, and he was butchering the covers, and fast service, and I was there for happy hour.

Today was amazing. I’ve had a rough past few months, so I totally deserved today.


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