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My first injury.


It hurts so freakin’ bad. You know where your shin is, right along the side of there it hurts. Worse than any feeling I’ve felt before. I’ve torn ligaments in my ankle so that’s saying something.

On a positive note, even with my injury my mile has gotten 21 seconds faster than it did on my slowest day. I’ve noticed that it takes me less time to be able to talk after I get home. It feels good knowing I’m getting healthy. Weight is obviously why I’m doing this, but I haven’t measured myself since the first day just to get a starting line, and I’m not going to weigh myself until I get my mile under 12 min/mile.

I know that I’m getting stronger and healthier and it shouldn’t matter what the number says on the scale. I will need to cut my calories, but right now it’s so hard with life being so busy. It’s mind over matter and preparing. Just doing it is the hard part.

So for now I will be resting my legs for the next two days, only to walk when I have to pick up the boy from school. And I will start home cooking more healthy meals.


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