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Severing Ties with MommyPains

I thought about if I should post this on my personal blog, and I decided I should.

For the past week I’ve devoted hours of my life to a blog called MommyPains. I increased the traffic to the blog 500%. I know this because the stats told me so. In a week I did more than what the creator was able to accomplish in 2 months of running the blog. I poured my heart and soul into making that blog successful and in the end, it didn’t last 8 days.

My friends were probably the biggest supporters to making the blog successful. They were apart of it and reading it and commenting on it when no one else would. I will love them forever for that. And I won’t tell them about this one because I like for this to be a little more private. If they find it and like it, then good, if they never know about my personal blog, it’ll be okay. I write this blog for me.

I don’t regret spending all that time writing for MommyPains because it was great and exciting and thrilling to see people reading what I write and loving it. I just can’t wait until my blog takes off like that. I can’t wait to come in and see that a lot people looked at my personal blog.

I do regret that I gave into my immature ways and was rude to the creator. Though she did have it coming. She told me I was childish and walked the line of calling me stupid. I may have called an idea of hers stupid, but I never told her that she was. I held my tongue, but my final email was mean to the core. I would like to share it with y’all.

I’m childish? I said I quit because you stated that you didn’t want me “quitting on you” if you got it to be a domain name. You asked me for my facebook. I thought it was to be genuine friends, not for mommy pains. I didn’t want to be disrespectful and tell you that pinning it to my personal pinterest would be dumb because this is your idea. I’ve been asking you to clarify multiple time through multiple emails. Our communication might now have been working because we send multiple emails a day to one another. Those emails mix up the message that we are trying to send. I would get one email that said one thing, and then the next would say something else. Like I’ve said before, things get messed up with you send it through email. If you got it, then choose your own winner on Saturday  If you got it then bring in the same amount of traffic that I did. Cause you should just shut down the blog. I saw the traffic you had without me writing for you and it was shameful. I get more readers on my personal blog then you did on mommypains without me. I am done writing you. Don’t be rude to someone that wanted to just be kind and help out as much as they could. That asked questions because she didn’t want to come off as she wasn’t listening. I was listening. I was reading. I was clarifying things so that it didn’t come to this point. All I wanted to do was make the blog successful. And if you look at the numbers the past week that I’ve been “in charge” I did that.

If anything I wish I could take back that email. It was rude of me to tell her that her hobby was a failure. It was wrong for me to point out to her all those things. I want to put this up here for all of y’all to know that if you push someone around, they will bite back. I put this up here so I can remember that this email made one woman shut down her entire MommyPains “empire”. I put that in quotes because she shut down her twitter, facebook, and blog.

I am not proud of what I did. I am shameful of my words. No matter how I felt at the time, I have no right to try and bring someone’s emotions down.

Yari, if you’re reading this, I am sorry for the words I said. I am not sorry for not being a part of MommyPains anymore though. I just wish I left on good terms.


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