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You can be fat and dress cute

I haven’t been working out consistently, but enough that my legs are looking better. I love wearing skinny jeans because I don’t think I have tree trunk legs.

This weekend was my anniversary. First year down about 60 more to go. Well I wanted a new sexy outfit. I have plenty of outfits I could have worn but I haven’t gone shopping for myself since March. I always tell myself “oh when I loose weight I can buy clothes”. Then I end up going 8 months before buying new bras.

I got a new outfit from top to bottom, well not underwear, for 125 dollars.


Dress, shoes, jacket: Forever 21
Purse and nail polish: Target
Tank top: Torrid

I looked so good and I felt confident. Not to get too personal, but my husband couldn’t wait to get home.

Being a bigger girl doesn’t make you ugly or sloppy. It’s time to dress out size and be proud of it. Don’t hide under layers.

So I’ll be doing Milf Mondays from now on. Today’s outfit:


Jacket: Forever 21
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Steve Madden
Tank Top: Torrid
Watch: the husband collection ha

I will be loosing weight and I will have to buy new smaller clothes along my journey but investing 25 dollars in a jacket and 30 dollars in old navy jeans will give me the confidence to show off this body.

Women of any size should be proud of their looks. Join me in MILF Mondays and if you’re not a mom, you can still join.


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