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How to make jar spaghetti sauce taste homemade

I have made homemade from scratch all natural and organic spaghetti sauce before and all I get from my husband is “Meh, it’s alright”. Oh I was livid with him. I mean I appreciate honesty, but after I have blanched tomatoes I deserve more then a “meh”.

My husband ADORES Classico Four Cheese Spaghetti sauce. I mean we will cut the budget on everything but that if we have to. He has gotten better about it and at times I can sneak in the seventy-five cent can of Hunt’s, but it’s rare. Well it was rare until about three months ago.

The children were at their mother’s house in California and my husband was in South Carolina for Army crap. I was STARVING. I mean the bottom of my stomach could have eaten a small child. Well we were poor and had enough for spaghetti in our fridge, but I wanted more.

I took out the leftover half of an onion I had in the fridge and chopped it up tiny. I added a bit of olive oil to a pan and let them cook on low for like 15 minutes. They were sweet and aromatic, I was already in love. I then added about a half a teaspoon of minced garlic to it and let it cook for another three minutes. I used the jar stuff in the fridge.

The house was filled with amazing smells. I was in love. I could have eaten the onions and garlic on the spot I was that hungry. I drained out the excess oil and added the beef to it. Yes, I cooked the beef with the onions and garlic. Why had I never thought of this before? It added SO MUCH FLAVOR.

Again, at this point I was eating it out of the pan. But, I needed to add the sauce to it. I only have the cheap Hunt’s can, but it would do for me. I am not a spaghetti sauce snob. Well I wasn’t, but I might be now.

Well I couldn’t stop there. I added a pinch of sugar, oregano, and basil to the sauce. I then covered the sauce mixed with the meat and onions and garlic. I just let it cook on the stove for another 10 minutes. Until the noodles were cooked. I might have stood in the kitchen drooling. Who am I kidding? I did.

It tasted so good. I loved it. Spaghetti was taken to a whole new level. I have cooked spaghetti every week since March 2011, I know what good spaghetti is, and that probably is still the best pot I’ve ever made. It may have something to do with my hunger pains.

I can now whip up that recipe with much better ease and it has brought spaghetti night to a new level in our home. Yes, we still eat spaghetti once a week. Yes, I am sick and tired of spaghetti. But that’s how I turn a .75 cent can into an amazing meal.


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