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A Letter To My Husband

Dear Justin,

I hate your stinkin’ guts most days. I hate that you don’t take your socks out of the living room or your trash. I hate that there are still boxes in the living room after 2 months of promising me that it would be fixed. I hate that you NEVER take personal responsibility on something unless I call you out on specific things you’ve done wrong. Oh the list can go on and on about things that I hate that you do. Things that I’ve told you about. And let’s not forget our dishes fight that happens at least twice a week.

But all of that doesn’t matter. All of that doesn’t compare to all the good times we have had and will have. You were deployed and I got to experience everything that went with that. I was forced to get to know my in-laws because if not, they knew nothing of how you were doing while deployed. We went to Disneyland together and it was my first time. You bought me a Minnie Mouse hat that I still have. You are the first man I’ve ever lived with. You gave me the gift (and curse) of children. We have traveled together. You are the first boy that my dad has let him call him by his first name. You have endured my sister living with us and my crazy family doing crazy things.

We are survivors, best friends, lovers, and even at times our worst enemy. We will have another year of ups and downs and lefts and rights, but we will get through it. It might be by tooth and nail again, but hopefully this next year goes easier.

I love you with all my heart and I will cherish you forever.

Love your wife,



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