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Let’s not pretend like I’m original

So I finally went public with my friends and family about this. I put up a post about it on facebook, that I thought wouldn’t draw too much attention, but I was wrong. So I just gave in and shared it all. Now I’m not going to tell people when I update it or anything. But it was like “here it is, if you want to read it”.

Okay so let’s get down to the nitty gritty. I am NOT an original blogger. I am not the first fatty that has started a blog, I’m not the first fatty that has said “you can look pretty and fat at the same time”, and I certainly won’t be the last.

I write this blog primarily because I need an outlet. I need a way to vent and talk and my husband gets tired of hearing my voice.

Speaking of my husband. I let him play xbox for 2 hours Monday and I didn’t even bitch. Well I did drop the snarky comment of “so now that you’re done you are running off to bed”. That annoys me. I wish he fit the xbox in between time with me. I hate that it’s “don’t talk to me it’s game time” and then “okay off to bed”. I need a bit more balance. But for me, 1 bitchy comment isn’t too shabby.

I still am wearing my fire red nail polish and surprisingly I love it! The polish is lasting longer than my 8 dollar bottle of Essie polish has, and it still looks brand new. Notice I didn’t say perfect, cause my nails look like a 4 year old painted them. Pity my nail painting handicap.

Things I got on Sunday: a TiVo Premium for 99 bucks retail 299(okay so my husband got it), Justin got a new warm jacket (okay and I’m going to wear it), Justin got a USC Jersey for 45 bucks (they usually go for 60 or more!), I got a pair of black boots finally cause winter is here and my big ol’ calfs fit in it, a compression bra so my boobies don’t die, and a hoodie that’s an XL juniors.

The hoodie HAS to go back. I tried it on and I felt like an tennis ball trying to fit into a golf ball box. My husband tried it on and he looked like those teenage hipster kids. It was a sad site, and I’m really disappointed. It was an under armour hoodie that supported the Wounded Warriors.

Got: TiVo, Winter Jacket, Jersey, Boots, Compression bra

Retail: 565

Paid: 284 (cause I had a 20 dollar coupon too)

The TiVo alone was worth 299, so we got a pretty good steal there. And it’s all things we needed. Okay not the TiVo, but it was something that my husband has been begging for and I couldn’t argue not buying it when it was 66% off. How can you argue that?

I’m not going to be the first fatty trying to get skinny writing about recipes, Army life, coupon clipping, running mishaps, cute outfits I buy, and arguments that I have with my husband. I am just doing me here. I am just writing about my life and the daily struggles I face.


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