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Why I’m SO Awesome

Okay, maybe I’m not awesome, but I do have awesome tendencies.

1. I can internet stalk the crap out of someone.

My very best friend from Texas met a boy through an online dating service. Who do you think she went to for information about him? Me. Boys lie, but what they put online can help find the truth.

So it turns out that the guy she was talking to had Autism. Nothing wrong with that, but you do need to share that information especially if you’re going to meet up. I’m not saying that to be mean or discriminatory against people with Autism, but it does affect your personality so warning people about it first so that they are aware is only polite. I warned my husband before I met him that I said really rude things because I don’t have a filter. I think the first time he complemented me on my outfit I think I said “You act like you’ve never seen a woman in clothes before”. Yeah, I can be a little rude and awkward.

2. I give the best relationship advice.

I don’t sugar coat anything. I mean anything at all in the history of the world. If you want someone to hold your hand and tell you to work it out with the loser that has cheated on you, well that’s not me.

A friend of mine was “talking” to this guy and she wanted to know like why he had photos of him and his ex-girlfriend up on his facebook still. Well there was a group of 4 of us and the other two were giving her advice like “put up a picture of you and a guy friend and see how he reacts” and “hop onto his facebook when he’s in the bathroom and see if they still talk”. Yeah, real childish and super stalker like if you ask me. My advice? Why don’t you just ask him. Now if he had nudes of her in his phone, yeah go be a stalker. But for facebook pictures to be up, no big deal.

After a certain age, it comes time to stop the games. Guys don’t like them and they really don’t know how to play them. So girls reading this, just stop. Start talking to men, especially those you like, as real people. Don’t think that love is going to bump into you on accident. No one falls in love with a crazy person.

3. I can cook

My old neighbor Taney LOVED that I brought food over to her. Her diet hated me though. I mean I use to take her leftover cupcakes, bread, cheesecake (I think), even soup. Everyone wants a friend that can cook. I also don’t like coming to people’s homes empty handed.So if you’re inviting me over, you are also inviting snacks too.

Don’t lie to me right now and say that you wouldn’t want a friend that would drop everything and bring you food if you needed it? I’m that person. You say you’re hungry, I’ll whip something up for you. No one goes hungry around me.

4. My story is relatable

About 95 percent of the population will never know what it’s like to be have their boyfriend come back from Afghanistan in February, move in with him in March after only dating him a total of 4 months with him in the same country as you, and then be handed a 3 and 4 year old with severe emotional issues and ask to raise them as your own. That’s just the truth.

But there is a lot of people out there that understand the idea of giving up college for kids. Or moving because the Army told you to. Or even the idea of trying to cook healthier because your family needs it. The husband that leaves his socks in the living room. The child who ate an entire bag of cough drops because he thought they were candy. The list can go on.

I hope that when people read my stuff they can laugh with me, cry with me, and walk away with a “I can do it” attitude. Most days I don’t think I can do it. Most day I feel like I’m a failure. I feel like I’m a bad mom. But I wake up in the morning and I do it again and again. I don’t just stop because there’s no one else that does what I do for this family.

5. I have great hair.

You think I’m kidding that having great hair is a plus one on me. Well I’m not kidding. I love my hair almost as much as I love my children. I miss doing it everyday and coloring it and doing cool things to it. But, I just don’t have the extra money to do that anymore. It’s finally growing out again and I want to cut it. But my daughter and my husband have put their foot down. After my bang trim fiasco, they have decided that I can no longer get my hair cut because all I’m going to do is cry about it, and they are tired of listening to me cry.

I so wish I was kidding with you, but this is a real thing.

6. I know all the gossip.

It’s because I have a trusting face that people want to confide in me. People meet me and have this urge to tell me secrets of theirs. It’s a curse and a blessing.

Curse: My husbands old partner told me that his wife had an affair right before she got pregnant with their last child. I stupidly shared this with 2 people that I thought were good friends.

Blessing: I found out that my husband’s ex wife was doing drugs so I was able to get him a lawyer and custody of the children.

7. I’m loyal

I have had the same group of close friends since I was about 15. I have my best friend Danielle since I was in middle school, I have my close friend Bethany who lives in South Dakota, I have Corrie who I’ve known my entire life, I have my friend Linda who is currently deployed. I love that we have such a big history together. No one messes with my friends. I also have friends that I met in college and when I worked at college but those are probably friends that I consider closest and dearest to me.

If someone was to hurt one of them or try to mess with them, I would be on the next plane out to wherever they were to kick some booty.

I am just as loyal to new friends as I am to my past. The friendships that I made my first 6 months of having children were those of superficiality. I wanted a parent, any parent, to be my friend. I did things that I regret to make those friendships.

I know that they know how I feel about them and I truly don’t give a flying flip. Those two people deserve each other. They threw me under the bus when they were the ones who spread the rumor to everyone. I may have started it, but they made the rumor spread like wildfire.

8. I know that Harry Potter is better than Twilight.

If you don’t believe this, stop reading my blog and never come back.


I know those things to most people won’t matter, but to me they do. Well not that’s not everything that matters to me. I am an awesome person to be a friend to or just be a person that you read their blog. I want to find more awesome people to follow. Comment on this so I can follow your blog, shoot me an email if you want to chat, follow me on here so you can read more of my rants.


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