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Oh The Weekend I Had

People talk about how great a weekend was or how crappy it was. This past weekend was probably the best AND worst weekend I’ve had in a long time.


Yes I include all of Friday as a part of my weekend. So sue me. Friday’s are usually easiest at school, have movies come out on them, and have the least amount of traffic. We had a play date with a little girl from Justin’s school. Oh goodness, I love the mom, I love the little girl, I could even love her husband. All in a platonic way of course. She was so sweet, invited us to church on Sunday. She was so friendly and warm. The kids got along FANTASTIC. I didn’t even realize we were there for two hours before we had to rush off. It was a great play date. All the kids were bummed out that we had to go our separate ways.

My husband got off at 3 on Friday, which is what time he is suppose to be off, but I’ve never experienced it. Oh it was amazing to see him with it still being bright out!

We then rushed and got everyone ready for the Harvest Eve Festival. There was a costume contest for the Kindergarten class so we got Justin all dressed up.

We dressed him up as Slash from Guns N’ Roses. For halloween he will be something different, but it’s a joint costume with his sister. So we had to come up with this one 2 days before the festival.

HE WON! He got a Innotab thing as winning. We were so proud of him. And then he broke my phone. Sigh.


We were all on our way to a Army sanctioned work event for my husband, but then I decided to wear heels. I was walking across the street and the wind blew and knocked me over. I thought I twisted my ankle, but when we got home it was fine. My knee on the other side collided rough with the road, but seemed to just be sore.

I iced it and then we went grocery shopping, still only sore. Then we went to the mall. HOLY CRAP! I have never experienced the pain that I did when we were there. I hobbled back to the car and went home.

We got dressed up to go to the mall can you tell. That’s my husband back there photo bombing, behind my daughter who is photo bombing. I think it’s a genetic trait they have.

The pain only got worse from there. The dog or children would hit it and I would want to vomit. With enough ice and rest my leg went back to a dull ache. I didn’t dare do more to it than sleep with it propped up like a foot above my heart.


Remember how I stated before that we were going to go to church? Well we didn’t, instead we spent 4 hours in our local emergency room. Oh and my son made the mistake of telling them that they were going slow and the nurse argued with him. He is FIVE, no need to argue! He thinks driving to the mall is long. He has no sense of time woman.

They sent me on my way with crutches and an ace wrap. Nothing is broken but they didn’t do an MRI because I need an orthopedist to order that.


Is your spouse in the military? Well then you will understand what I’m about to tell you.

My husband goes to an Army doctor 1 hour south of us, our children go to a civillian doctor 25 minutes west of us, and I go to a Naval base for my doctor that is 1 hour west of us. Confused? Welcome to the party.

Phone call 1: I called the 1-877 number to make an appointment on base. When someone finally picked up, after 17 minutes on hold, I had to give my name and my sponsor’s last 4 of their social security number. Only to find out that I was not in the Naval Bases system, wait for it, BUT his Ex-Wife was. BOOM! This boiled my blood.

Phone call 2: I called the bases records office to be told that I have the wrong number and I needed to call DEERS to be put as a dependent to my husband. Now I’m freaking out. Some REMOVED ME as a dependent and ADDED his ex-wife? I could have screamed.

Phone call 3: Waiting with DEERS after a 7 minute automated system, sensing my frustration my husband calls TriCare who is in charge of our medical insurance.

Phone call 4: TriCare explains to my husband that they didn’t do anything, that his ex-wife was blocked from all benefits, so someone misinformed me. I like that word “misinformed” not “too lazy to look me up in their computer because they are too lazy”.

Phone call 5: I called the records office again to be “registered” to the Naval base. Because TriCare informed them that my husband’s dependent was going here and INSTEAD of looking it up or anything, they automatically enrolled his ex-wife in their records. She had records from another Navy base, so they just registered her to that one. I don’t know. So another 15 minute waiting game of them un-registering her and registering me to the base.

Phone call 6: Back to the 1-877 phone number to schedule an appointment. Yes, I had to wait another 15 minutes for them to answer my phone call. Guess what? Since I needed a specialty they sent me back to the records office AGAIN to make my appointment.

Phone call 7: The records office lady now knew me by my first name. Awesome! Well she wasn’t too pleased that they sent me back to her because she said I couldn’t get a specialty appointment until I saw my primary doctor. Okay cool. I can’t see my primary doctor for 10 days. WAIT WHAT? After a huge meltdown and re-explaining and waiting some more, I have an appointment tomorrow.

I couldn’t participate in the MILF Monday, but here is my Fridays outfit to make up for it.

We are huge USC fans in this house. Ignore my trash can. It’s still that full and I have no plan to clean it out. My plan is to lay on this couch and watch enough TiVo until I forget about the pain in my leg.

I hope it’s not hurting too bad. I wanted to sign up for a Dirty Girl Mud Run in June. I .know “it’s 8 months away, what’s the worry”. Well it’s not just a run, it’s an obstacle course. And I can’t run a mile without stopping yet. I couldn’t survive a 5k obstacle course without lots of training. I’m afraid that if I really have hurt it, it will make that goal just a dream


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