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Don’t Ask Me About Abortion

I had a doctors appointment today about my knee. I need to tell you that so you understand.

So my doctor is looking at my file from Texas and saw some side note and all the blood work they did in June. I was asked “In June 2012, did you have an abortion?”. My jaw dropped I was shocked anyone could ask something like that in front of me and my children. He then tried to back track and go  “Oh I didn’t mean you had an abortion, but  just aborted a fetus”. My children were in the room!

Not to get too personal here, but I don’t believe in abortion at this point in my life. My opinion of abortion has changed as I’ve gotten older. I also believe that there are some women who use abortion as a form of birth control and there are some women who use it to keep their life on track.

I cannot get pregnant. I don’t ovulate. It’s just the way it is. Maybe if I loose some weight and take some pills, I will be able to get pregnant. For now I am fine going to school and learning to run and spending time with the kids I have. But it is still a sensitive issue for me. I texted my husband as soon as I could. I couldn’t believe this appointment could get worse.

He kept going through my labs. He informed me of: I had a UTI, I had blood in my urine, I am pre-diabetic, and I’m “heavy”.

My UTI and blood in my urine was all because of a bad test. It was “that time of the month” and I had to take this test so I could find out if I was pregnant.

They also did a blood test to find out of my thyroid was working fine. I didn’t fast (starve myself for 14 hours) for the blood test. I wasn’t told to. I was drinking and eating in the waiting room for my blood test. You say my glucose was high? Probably because I drank a HUGE thing of gatorade for that pee test that said I had an UTI. I have never had the symptoms for a UTI, but thanks Dr. Dip Stick for letting me know.

At the end of my appointment he wanted to talk to me about something “sensitive”. Well Dr. Dip Stick has already accused me of having an abortion, how much more sensitive can he get. Well he let me know that I was “heavy” and I needed to start “moving around” to lower my chances of my pre-diabetes. I then looked at him and asked if that was the sensitive topic he was referring to which he said yes. I then looked him dead in the eye and said “I know I’m fat, I can see the numbers on the scale”.

I guess he missed that part of the conversation about how I need my knee cleared so I can run again because I was trying to loose weight. Remember my knee, the reason why I was at the doctors.

Today made me mad, depressed, uncomfortable, and reminded me that I cannot get pregnant. My husband came home and told me he got the Commander of Clinics number and would be calling him to complain. I never thought of complaining. That’s why I love that man. He stands up for me even when I don’t want to.

After a nap with my two precious kids, I realized that it doesn’t matter what Dr. Dip Stick said, I had two wonderful kids. I can loose weight, he will always be an insensitive dip stick.


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