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How To Afford Christmas

People who have read my blog must think my husband and I are dirt poor. We aren’t. Some months it can feel that way. He wants to live like we have money and I want to live like a poor college kid. I like to conserve and he likes to spend. I get why he does it. You can’t take money to your grave. But the memories you make with your kids will live forever.

So how do we afford Christmas? I’m super cheap and he wants the kids to have a bedroom full of gifts. It’s actually not that hard. All it takes is a little planning, a good hiding place, and time to dedicate to shopping deals.

Shop early, Shop Online, Shop the Sales

You’ve heard the myth about how retailers raise their prices months ahead of time so that they can put their products on “sale” during the holidays and still make a profit. Well that myth is partially true.

If you start picking up items in September and October for the random friend or nephew, you won’t be pressured into purchasing things at the last minute for a higher price.

Get an Amazon Prime account which is 70 bucks but you get free shipping for a year, plus access to movies and shows on demand. We purchase our around tax season time. Last Christmas I was shopping so last minute I had stuff showing up 2 days before. I didn’t have to worry “oh no I’m not up to the price to get free shipping”. I just bought things and I saw fit.

Daily deals are the best thing for the internet since the idea of Facebook. Honestly. Amazon, Target, WalMart, Ebay, Groupon, so on and so forth, all have some sort of daily deal on their site AND Daily Deals have free shipping. Don’t sue me if I’m wrong on some random site. Things to be wary of sites like Totsy and Zulily take FOREVER to ship to you. That’s because the deal has to end first, then they are shipped the merchandise, and then it’s shipped to you. Plus they rarely have free shipping. I just don’t think their deals are good enough to pay for shipping. Yeah I’m saving 4 bucks, but then I pay 9 to ship it.

ToysRUs and Walmart also have a free ship to store option which is amazing for us. It let’s family members who live on the other side of the country to send us stuff without paying for shipping.

Let me give you a run down of what we’ve already purchased:

Syma Helicopter:

Retail: 129.99

Paid: 18.95

Hello Kitty Pendant Necklace:

Retail: 50.99

Paid: 5.50

Amethyst Earrings:

Retail: 99.00

Paid: 19.99

Disney Tangled Rapunzel Vanity:

Retail: 49.99

Paid: 15.63

Steelers Gnome:

Retail: 29.95

Paid: 12.99

Nickelodeon Slime Gun:

Retail: 21.95

Paid: 15.45

Melissa and Doug Band in a Box:

Retail: 25.99

Paid: 16.40

Sperry Starpoint Boot:

Retail: 60

Paid: 32

LadyBug Piggy bank:

Retail: 12.98

Paid: 3.98

Construction Pig Piggy bank:

Retail: 12.98

Paid: 3.98

I have spent about 150 dollars already on Christmas gifts and it’s not even Halloween yet. I’m crazy right? No. No I’m not. I’m thrifty. I have saved over 315 dollars on Shopping Early, Shopping Online, and Shopping the Sales.

Laugh at me, think I’m cheap, think I’m a horrible person for buying noisy toys for my nephews. Whoever you buy gifts for shouldn’t care about the price you bought it for. I was smart and bought it early and on sale. My father in law is getting a 13 dollar gift, but will that matter to him? No because I bought him something that he will love. He LOVES the Steelers. I didn’t just buy him something random on sale because I’m cheap. I saw something he like, bought it, and saved myself some money. Don’t worry, there’s more grandparent gifts for them. We are doing one gift each grandparent then one “joint” gift. They are so good to us, we are doing something extra special.

I have a budget for this Christmas. I’m not going to spend over 800 dollars on EVERYTHING. Including the tree, decorations, presents to all my family members. I am not going to let this holiday get the best of me. I still have about 104 dollars to spend on my son and 125 to spend on my daughter. This year we are doing dollar amount and not number. We kept trying to match the kid’s gift equally and then we would find something we just “had to have” and would have to buy another one to equal it out.


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