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Church, Pumpkin Patches, and Gas Station Salads

I love starting out my Sunday with a trip to church. Now I didn’t like the church I was in.  It felt very capitalistic and fake. That isn’t to be mean to the church. I come from a small group church that was a mobile church and didn’t sink money into a library or a tech guy. It was just very different. Also, they preached about Revelations which is pretty doom and gloom. I will try it out again next week because this past weeks sermon might have been just a building to next week. Who knows?

Then we drove 45 minutes through the back roads of New Jersey. We finally found out why it’s nicknamed the Garden State. There were so many beautiful sites. I would of love to pull over and taken pictures every few miles. We arrived at our pumpkin patch, realized they don’t take credit cards, and that we had less than 20 bucks between us. So we picked up 3 pumpkins, took some great photos, rode in a wagon, and had a jolly good time.

This photo wraps up the whole day. My husband walking super far away from us all. My daughter being spazz-tastic. In this photo she is mid fall. That didn’t slow her down though. She hopped back up and ran some more. And my son pulled the wagon. EVERYWHERE. We had to explain he couldn’t take it home.

I was STARVING by the time we left the pumpkin patch. And maybe I was a bit cranky for it. So sue me. I am a needy person and need lunch. We opened the “Around Me” App and I kid you not Petco popped up at the closest restaurant around us. So instead of eating Hot Dogs (get it?) we stopped by a Quick Chek for lunch. I know what you’re thinking, “ew a gas station” except it was awesome. I got this HUGE Ceasar salad for like 5 bucks, they had mountain dew slurpees, and subs as cheap as subway but the bread was tastier.

Thought I’d skip out on my MILF Monday? Nope.


So maybe it isn’t very MILF like, but it makes me feel super comfy. It has a low neck line so my husband gets to “check out the goods” and being confident is probably the sexiest thing you can wear.

Stay in touch because this week I’ll be complaining reviewing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.



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