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Racist Conversations and Home Repair

Our shower has been on the “shit list” for a while now. Sometimes it wants to be a shower and sometimes it wants to do what it wants. It’s a old house so you expect some issues. So I haven’t taken a shower in such a time I’m too embarrassed to tell the internet. Not like a week or anything but more than comfortable. The kids take showers and Justin holds the pull thingy while he showers, but I don’t have the luxury of time like that. Usually in the shower I’m trying to stop fights between the kids and keep the dog out of the tub.

This morning my husband was hold the pull tab up to have a shower and then it BROKE. Oh God, not on picture day for school. I almost called a friend to use her shower. I wish I wasn’t joking. I spiked his hair, promised my daughter to fix it so she can shower tonight. And rushed out of the house.

With the help of google, ehow.com, and Home Depot I was able to purchase a replacement faucet.

Here’s how the conversation went at Home Depot, before you read Guy 1 was a Middle Eastern guy with a THICK accent:

Me: Hi, I just moved here from Texas and I’m super lost.

Guy 1: Oh I want to move to Texas. Tell me what’s good about it.

Me: It’s hot there, but cheaper for EVERYTHING. And we believe in central air.

Guy 2: You should move back to Texas, you are going to hate it here.

Me: Well I would like it here more if I could take a shower. My shower faucet just broke and I don’t have time to call my landlord. I just need this fixed today.

Guy 2: Yeah we can replace that.

Guy 1: Should I move to Texas?

Me: What part?

*Walking down aisles*

Guy 1: Houston

Me: Well. I would live in the suburbs of Houston, but yeah it’s nice. It’s easy to get to the coast there.

Guy 1: Well there’s a lot of black people there. Don’t you just hang them?

Me: *awkward chuckles* yeah.

Guy 2: Here you go. Do you know how to install it.

Me: Nope, but I can google.

I then ran out of the store as fast as I could so I could shower and try to figure out how that conversation went so terribly wrong.

What Home Depot lies about is how easy it is to install anything. It’s not easy. Not at all. I messed up maybe like 4 or 5 times. My wrench didn’t go wide enough to twist it off, so that made taking everything off a lot longer.

But I did it.

This girl now has a shower that works. I removed all the gunk off as I installed. The guys before us were just putting caulk on to hide the mistakes. That bothers me. If they had just taken care of the home correctly, I wouldn’t have to come in and do it. But thanks to Home Depot and 2 awkward but incredibly helpful men, I was able to fix other peoples mistakes.


And I am so proud that I installed this faucet all on my own. I wanted to show you a picture. I know it’s nothing fancy or difficult to do. Honestly a lazy teenager could do it, but I did this. Me, the stay at home housewife. The woman who hates to sweat to get dirty. I guess I don’t like doing those things, but when the time comes I’m willing to do anything for my family. Even deal with racist Home Depot employees.


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