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I’m back!!!

Hey my long lost blog world!

I totally forgot about this thing (not really, life just kept me busy) and wasn’t ever going to come back to it. Then, magically, someone contacted me through it. I remembered how much I loved writing in this. Before I started running this was my therapy.


October: We survived hurricane Sandy. Well tropical storm sandy. Whatever it was, we survived. I actually spent my birthday living at someone else’s house being called a refugee. I love that when things got rough, friends opened their home for us.

November: This month was hard. We had to purchase and set up our guest room. My in-laws visited AND my parents did. We went to New York like 4 times. Image

That photo was taken at the Macy’s Day Parade. Some kid about the age of 10 handed me his younger brother and left to find the restroom. I have never met them before in my life.Felt like Angelina Jolie ha. I also was so good in NYC people started asking me for directions. Yeah. I’m cool like that.

Also, I didn’t cook for Thanksgiving, thank goodness! My sons birthday (he’s SIX now) is like 3 days before Thanksgiving AND we were in New York City the entire morning, so I’m glad that my husband twisted my arm into just ordering it. I have never ever had to make Thanksgiving Dinner. So I’m glad that the year my in-laws visit, I didn’t have to cook my first turkey. Talk about pressure.

Let’s get back to my son is SIX now. I feel so old. I remember him when he was tiny. Well August of 2010. So when he was 4. Sheesh. I remember buying him gifts for his 4th birthday. I didn’t attend, just helped pick them out.

December: We got to keep the kids for Christmas!



Yeah, they are pretty adorable! I don’t have anything to do with their genes, but I did pick out their outfits. Their biological mom just gave birth to their brother and decided that an infant and 2 kids would be a lot to handle, especially with money being so tight. But they’ll be out there for spring break. (That’s actually not the truth, but the truth is being played out in court right now. So I’m giving you the version that the kids got).

Truth be told, I’m excited to have spring break away from the kids. I have a romantic get away planned for the husband and I if it all works out.

The kids got WAY too many presents to be perfectly frank with you. Wanna see? 20121225-DSC_0075

There’s my handsome husband and my destroyed house. Thank goodness it doesn’t look like that anymore. I would just loose my mind!

Welcome to the New Year!

Already in 2013, my son has broken his collar bone and I have bronchitis. It’s starting as a rocky start health wise but we couldn’t be in a better financial spot even if we tried. I’m really excited for what this year is to bring.

And thank you to the girl who sent me the email. You reminded how much I love writing and to keep doing it, because my writing has an effect on people. Even if you don’t like it. 🙂


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