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Unexpected House Guest

Before I begin this, I want to state that if there was anyone in a predicament of homelessness, I would open my doors for them. Especially a soldier that has fought for our freedom. Okay, now here is my rant.

My husband has invited someone that he works with to come live with us. Not technically work with him. Someone who is going to work with him. Yep. Someone that we have never met and honestly, I don’t even know his first name. Oh and you’d think my husband gave me a month heads up? Maybe 2 weeks? Nope. My husband gave me 4 days notice.


I have bronchitis and I’m still too winded to do anything. My kids are sick and cranky and to get them to help is like playing a game of “please please please don’t cry”. I mean anything. My daughter started crying today because we don’t have a mini-van like her friend does.

Oh and because I’m not ambitious enough, I’ve decided to embark on the Ikea project from Hades. This is not an exaggeration. I’ve put together an Ikea bunk bed, and this thing is giving me a headache and I am only on step 5. I’m pretty sure there are 28 steps. Well that’s the last page of the list that I was looking at before I cursed it and went to watch my shows.

So things to be done before Wednesday:

1. Set up Dresser

2. Laundry

3. Put away Christmas decorations

4. Move all my sons stuff out of his room and into the guest room

5. Move dresser into the guest room

6. Clean the bathroom

7. Clean the floors.

Yep. That doesn’t seem too hard. As long as I can get past the dresser. If the dresser was set up for me I could do this list all on Tuesday. Oh and don’t forget I work Monday through Wednesday this week. Of course!

But this guy is currently going through a divorce and still paying mortgage on his house in Texas, he did not receive travel allowances to help him move or for down payments, and is showing up with an empty bank account. I feel bad for him. I really do. I don’t want him living out of his car or racking up credit card debt. Hopefully this time goes fast.


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