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Letting The Almost 5 Year Old Choose her Clothes

I was made aware today that my little girl has hit another growth spurt. I swear this kid grows ever other week. So all her winter clothes are just a bit too small for her. Nothing trashy looking, but you see a bit too much wrist than I’m comfortable. So we went to my favorite store Target.

Honestly though, you can get just as good of deals on clothes at The Children’s Place, sometimes even better! But today I didn’t feel like braving the mall. The Children’s Place is the ONLY place I purchase the kid’s jeans from. They are such great quality and last forever. I have purchased jeans from Target, but they wear and tear so much faster. The Children’s Place’s jeans always look new and if you have kids that will pass down to, shop their jeans! Keep a look out on sales and deals. I usually get my jeans there from 8 to 10 dollars a pair. A bit of a bite, but Target’s jeans cost 20 dollars for kids! Ridiculous.

I’ll post photos of her clothes, the ones I do have are her pants-less and well, that’s a bit awkward.

Shirt #1

It’s not a shirt, but an undershirt. She ran up and stated “MOMMY I NEED THIS. MY HEART SHIRT HURTS MY NIPPLE. PLEASE”. In the middle of Target. I’m glad it’s a Thursday and no one else was around. You see I purchased her this heart shirt with sewn on sparkles. The sewing part apparently isn’t comfortable. Sigh. That’s my baby girl. So I bought her the shirt with the promise she would never say nipple again in public.

Shirt #2

Clearance is probably my favorite rack to shop. And it’s also her favorite area. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t notice that it’s on sale, but she sure does know that those red stickers convince me to buy something. She picked out the most awkward shirt that there probably was. It’s a cupcake that is “blinged out” that is sitting on top of a ring. I wasn’t a big fan of it until I saw that it was on clearance. I would rather her own plain colored shirts that will be classic. But she’s four and wants a shirt with a “kick” to it. Hey! It’s on clearance and it’s not too bad looking.



Shirt #3

I still can’t believe I let her buy this. It’s a pink sweater with a mouse on it. Not just any mouse but a mouse with glasses eating a piece of cheese. I believe that my friend Tatiana from back home is right, Abigail is a future hipster. Again, it was on clearance. Honestly it’s a really cute shirt. I just can’t believe she wants to wear a mouse on her body. Meh. Someone this morning told me that letting a child choose their own clothes make them more independent later in life. So this mouse represents independence. She really is sweet looking in it.



She is a bit over the top with her outfit choices. But that’s okay. We still love her even if she dresses like a weirdo.

Shirt #4

My personal pick. Finally, my opinion gets a vote here. It’s a turquoise tunic that she can wear some leggings with. This kid looks so good in leggings so let’s hope that it stays in fashion for a while. Oh who am I kidding, she will wear leggings whether they are cool or not. She makes them cool. Of course there are a few sparkles on it and bows at the bottom, but it really is the least “flashy” of them all.




Not only does she look super fashionable in this shirt, but she looks like a teenager always talking on the phone. Sigh. Surprisingly she also picked out this outfit too. She really is a smart kid when it comes to fashion. She gets that from me.

Failure shirts

The first failure wasn’t a shirt but a pair of flowery jeans. Again, this kid is about flash. They were so big on her. A size 5 is getting just a bit short for her so I thought a 6 would be fine, but I was W-R-O-N-G. I’m just going to stick to jeans from The Children’s Place. She has boots, no one will see that her jeans are a bit too short. The second failure was a plain red long sleeve shirt. Plain Jane is not my daughters nick name. She shot it down because it didn’t “make her face look pretty” enough. Oh no, my daughter has NO confidence issues here. This kid is a future diva. The final failure was a neon pink Henley shirt. Oh she LOVED that shirt. It was mom and dad who shot it down. It didn’t fit her right, but what really was the put off was the NEON. Remember those kids on field trips or on family trips whose parents dressed them REALLY BRIGHT so they didn’t get lost, well… That’s what she looked like. She was going to cry when I told her that she couldn’t have it. So I promised her pizza for lunch and everything was better.

The shopping trip went easier and better than I expected. This is the first time that I’ve let her pick out most of the clothes on her own. I think for her first time, she didn’t do too bad. I just hope teaching her how to dress modest now, that in her future she will remember these rules. Funky and different is okay to dress as long as you are dressing to your body size and shape. If we don’t let our daughters learn to dress at a young age, how do we expect them to know later on in life?


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