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New TV means new TV cabinet

I did it again. Forgetting to blog I mean. Oh well. Not like many people read this thing.

In the beginning of February I purchased the hubster a new television. Come on, Superbowl was about to come and well, I’m a good wife.


This isn’t the hubster by the way. It’s our new roommate who is staying with us until summer time. I’ll get to that later.

See that freaking television?! It’s 60 inches. Yeah, I am an amazing wife. When we would argue for like 2 weeks I would just point to the television and go “60 inches”. But that ended pretty fast. Now to the eye sore. Do you see our jimmy-rigged television set up. Well that worked when we only have a 46 inch on there, but the 60 inch just WOBBLED. And I was scared it was going to fall off.

Side note: I got a really good deal. It’s a Sony Aquos 2011 model, so it doesn’t have smart apps. We have TiVo and that has all the smart apps we need. But I got that for less than 700 bucks!

It finally got warm here in Jersey about 2 weeks ago. So I decided to redo a buffet we had in our garage left by the previous renters. My poor husband. It was like his first weekend off from work and he was stuck outside doing home improvement things. I did let him get a run in before I asked guilted him into helping me.


This is the best “before” shot that I have. Just picture 2 really tacky drawers and 2 really tacky doors and even TACKIER knobs on it.

I used Rust-Oleum 249126 Painter’s Touch Multi-Purpose Spray Paint


Honestly, I started out with a cheaper primer and it looked cheap. Just go with that one and for a project as big as mine, I needed two. They are a bit cheaper at home depot too.


I didn’t want to get spray paint on my driveway, so I used leftover moving boxes. Classy eh?

Now this is the easiest part of them all. Spray paint only takes 10 minutes to dry. So you can essentially spray paint one item and then do the rest, and go back and redo the first one. I just wish I had decided to use spray paint instead of regular paint for the color. Also, did anyone see that I didn’t say “sand your crap”. Because NO SANDING was needed. It came out great without sanding, just use the good primer can.

So after like a intense painting session with canned paint, which took FOREVER to paint. My TV was ready. I tossed on some new knobs, and this is how it turned out.


And that guy right there is my schmexy husband. Girls he is taken. I hid all our internet boxes, hard drives, etc. in one of the cabinets. The other cabinet is hiding all my junk food away from the children. Don’t judge me. It’s hard to find a good hiding spot for candy around here.

Also, to all of those that are worried about my fertility. At the end of this month, I get to see a doctor about starting Clomid!

Until next time.


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