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Weekend Expeditions

Weekends are usually boring for us. Saturday’s are consistant of breakfast, cartoons, ballet, lunch, naps, kids playing in their rooms. Sunday’s now of days start with me at work, then home for lunch, nap then homework for the hubster and cuddles for the kids and I. But that all changed this past weekend.

Wednesday I woke up with the bug that’s going around. I was dying. So I got Wednesday and Thursday covered and asked my boss to give me off until Monday since he was making schedules. I do have to say about my job, they really do try and take care of me.

Saturday we woke up and the roommate was no where to be found. He spent the night at a hotel. Alone. I don’t know. He’s a weird one. I wanted to take the kids to Chuck E Cheese because honestly people my kids haven’t been there since July 2012. Yeah They have gone 7 months without the Chuck. People who go every month, heck people who go every week. Your children will be fine without the place. Take them outside, let them learn how to ride a scooter, ride a bike, or just paint with them. Those things they will remember more than playing video games at that place.



They hold each others hands while crossing the street. Aren’t they adorable? We got so involved in Chuckie that we forgot to get Princess to ballet. So we decided to go to the military base down the street. Well it’s more like an hour away, so it’s down a really LONG street.

I really like going to the base because I feel like I get to be around those that understand what we’ve gone through. Trust me, there are couples that have survived a lot more that the military throws at them, but wives of civilians just don’t get some things. We ended up going to the Chinese food place inside the food court, of course I don’t listen to the warnings of my husband and I got SICK from their food. It was the most disgusting food I’ve ever eaten. So yeah, listen to your husbands women of the world.

We ended up purchasing some candy that you can only get on base or in California. Actually we can purchase it in NYC but I don’t see a need to drive over state borders to go buy some.

By the way if anyone loves me enough. This is my favorite


But the biggest surprise of the day was when we bought:



That’s right ladies and gentlemen. I am the owner of a iMac!

This thing is incredible. I love blogging so much more on it now. I can actually see stuff on it instead of the laptop. I mean it’s great to have a laptop, the husband and I each have our own, but there’s something to it to sit down at your desk and write something instead of laying on the couch. The screen is amazing. It’s so sharp and bright. No more squinting to see what I’m writing. Now I’m not spoiled by any means. On base they were selling it for about 1300 bucks. We had to return my Michael Kors purse that I got for Christmas because it broke so that was 250 dollars of Christmas money I had. I had saved up 350 dollars from February and the guy living with us paid us that. I had my paycheck of 306 dollars. And I had 250 dollars of my tax return still in the bank. So we really only put 150 on a credit card. Which my next paycheck from work on the 15th will pay off.  In reality I am paying for over 1,000 dollar of it. So I am not spoiled. I just saved up and didn’t purchase something inferior.

There were laptops there for about 320 bucks that I could have blogged on and let my kids play on it. I wouldn’t have had to finance anything and used the other money for other items, but Apple’s last for a really long time. A friend of mine purchased her laptop freshman year of college and almost 6 years later she is using the same laptop to write for a local newspaper. While my husband in the last 3 years has gone through 4 laptops. Investing your money in something you know you’ll need is not a waste.

We did the same thing for our washer and dryer two years ago. They in total cost us about 2 grand, but they still work perfectly and we’ve NEVER had an issue with them.

Today we decided to have a lazy day and do laundry, we even hit up CiCi’s, or as the boys called it their “lat meal before the PT test”.

Next weekends my couches will be dropped off and I will put up photos on how my house is becoming a home.

I hope everyone has an amazing week!


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