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Inspiration In the Oddest of Places

So I read on every blog that I subscribe to “if you want to attract more readers, read other blogs” and like everyone else, I sigh and keep reading. I don’t think this blog is to attract readers. But it would be pretty awesome. Today I took that advice one step further.

I tracked down other wordpress blogs and I read them. I mean really read them. I took their words in. Their life experiences became mine. There are some really great writers on here just to let you know. My favorite quote actually came from a photography blog. This person wrote about how they purchased a DSLR and their adventures over the past 4 years learning how to use it. How they stepped out of their comfort zone to get the perfect shot and talking to strangers they had never met before.

Not being afraid to make a mistake is a critical learning experience.  Too many people are afraid to try because it will either be too hard or they won’t do very well first time round.

Isn’t that a beautiful quote? And isn’t it so very tragically true?

We all fear failure, we all fear rejection, but that fear will hinder us in our opportunities for the future that we have.

In all honesty, I have been fearing going to the OBGYN and talking to her about my problems to conceive. I am fearful she will tell me that I can never have kids. Or that I’m too fat to get pregnant. I have not actually pursued having a child. I just take people’s advice “drink the tea”, “take the multivitamin”, “are you having sex every other day”, and just hoping that I don’t have to see the dreaded doctor.

My fear of ‘what – if’s’ has held me back from the dream I want to have a child. Getting pregnant might be hard and I might be bad at being a pregnant lady, but I have to try. I cannot let the fear stop me.

So I hope that you, the one person that reads my blog, that you search deep down inside you and find what you are so fearful in life. I’m not talking about snakes or heights, but something stopping you from taking the next step in life, and take it.

Buy that camera and go on adventures. Make an appointment to see your doctor about fertility treatment. Tell that cute boy in the office next to yours that you think he’s cute. Do whatever it is that is holding you back. You might get rejected, you might suck at being a photographer, or I might even never get pregnant. But the fear of living cannot stop you from doing so.


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