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My Attempt at Reading a Book – Beautiful Creatures

I could probably spend all day reading short little blog stories or news pieces on CNN, but for me to read a book seems to be impossible. To the point that I am ready to give up and buy the book on CD or podcast so I can listen to it while driving. I have time for driving, not so much reading.

But I finally did it! I have been trying to write this post for about six months now. I know I know, I put it off for way too long. Hurricane Sandy hit, family visited, Christmas came, and now I have read a book.

It was a really long and slow book, but really well written. I heard the movie was coming out from a friend of mine on Facebook and decided to read the book then, but with life consuming me, I haven’t been able to do that. I was worried this book was going to be like that Twilight Series. Poorly written, but everyone loves it. Actually the writer seemed intelligent, but went to great lengths to write out every single connection in the book. I think because this is aimed at a younger audience, she wrote the books at their intelligence.

Things I liked:

It was a love story that gave the woman the power. I hate the Twilight Saga because she can’t live without that stupid vampire kid. In this book she has the power.

They overlapped various “magical” themes. Vampires, witchcraft, voodoo, psychics, shape shifters. I really liked the various magical themes. I believe that if you write a book about magic, you have to write about all magic.

It was rated “G”. After reading the “Fifty Shades of Grey” books, I really needed a book that didn’t send me into cringes. There was a underlying tone of sexuality, but nothing that made you gag, or skip ahead like five pages.

The language. I loved that this author didn’t dumb down the words she used. Though she did make the connections for the reader, she used a level of vocabulary that would make the reader more intelligent.

Things I didn’t like:

That the author didn’t let your make your own connections: see above.

It dragged on forever.

The entire book led up to one scene and it lasted like ten pages. For a book that lasted over 400 pages, I should have had a bigger fight scene.

And now I get to see the movie when it comes out on DVD. I’ll wait for it to come out on STARS or on Red Box. I only pay full retail for kid movies.


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