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Cool Presents I Buy My Husband

If anyone knows me they know I don’t like spending money. If anyone knows my husband they know he likes to spend it. It makes us argue A LOT. I mean enough for us to try and seek counseling. We haven’t just yet, but that’s because they keep moving us and cancelling things we do set up. ANYWAYS…

I buy my husband things ALL the time to show him how much I love him. Well more like appreciate him. He spends so much time working and listening to me complain about why we don’t have money. So about once a month I splurge on my husband. So here’s the top 5 things I do for him.

5. Spaghetti Monday

This boy LOVES his spaghetti. It’s a household staple in the house. Here’s the big reveal y’all: I hate spaghetti. Before I met my husband I may have had it a handful of times. Now I eat it 4-5 times a month. You can read how I make dollar can spaghetti sauce taste like restaurant quality here.

4. House slippers

My husband is a old man. For reals though. I have bought him now 3 pairs of “old man slippers” to make his feet more comfortable on the hardwood.


Are the best most comfortable slippers and they last about 4 months. We have a dog that sheds like crazy so they probably take more abuse than most people would give them. I personally don’t understand why flip flops don’t work, but hey I want to make my husband happy.

3. Johnie Walker 1.75 liters

For Christmas I splurged a lot on my husband, which we don’t usually do because it’s about the kids and not us, but I saw this at Costco and just HAD to buy it. I used “Christmas” as my excuse, but I would have bought it for him whether it was the holiday or not.

2. Framing his Bronze Star

This is still a sore subject for me. He pushed for this when we didn’t have any money because the Army shorted our paychecks for 2 months, though we did recieve back pay, and we had to borrow money from family to pay for some groceries. We didn’t realize how tough the month was going to be until the last week.

Back to the subject… Most people don’t realize this, and I don’t tell them, but my husband is a bonafide hero. When he was deployed he received the bronze star for his service to his country. I don’t talk about what happened in detail because I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t know about some of it, but during some therapy he’s been told to share more with me, and he has. Nothing that puts the country at risk or anything, just personal things to him that I shouldn’t share to the world.

So I got this frame. REALLY nicely framed. And now it’s sitting on the floor in his office because our walls are funny and we don’t want to deal with trying to figure out how to nail through concrete type walls.

1. The Weber Grill

This is probably the best gift I have EVER gotten my husband. Well until I give him a child of our own. Until then ‘Weber’ is our child. ha.

My husband just found out that he passed his final class and is graduating college, he is an amazing father, and hopefully a grill will inspire him to mow the yard. Ha!

I’ll post pictures soon. I hope y’all have a great weekend.


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