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First Weigh In

So I’m loosing weight. As you may know, but I mean I have like 2 people who regularly come to my blog and they usually come to look at my spaghetti recipe. By the way. It’s really good.

So my ultimate goal is 100 pounds. That’s a HUGE number. It’s actually pretty daunting for me. So I’ve chosen to break it down into mini goals. By June 26th I want to be down 30 pounds.

4/16 – 4/23: -2

4/24 – 5/1:

5/2 – 5/9:

5/10 – 5/17:

5/18 – 5/25:

5/26 – 6/2:

6/3 – 6/10:

6/11 – 6/18:

6/19 – 6/26:


That’s about 3.3 pounds a week. My first week I didn’t do that good. Between BBQing all weekend, drinking on Saturday, and going out to the Amish country on Sunday. So this week I’m buckling down and doing better. I also have my first 5k on May 19th so I’m really going to need to get my butt into shape for the 5k.

So here’s my goal to shrink a whole person.


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