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Weekly Goals Link Up

I thought this would be an appropriate link up since I am working so hard to be healthy.


Oh I completely forgot and had to come back in here and add this. You can click on the picture below to join in on the link up party!


I need something or someone to be accountable to other than my app. I’ve actually done really well since Wednesday tracking all my food. The good. The bad. And the pretzel that I didn’t have enough self control to walk away from. Surprisingly, I have NOT gone over on calories so far. Okay okay. Honestly Saturday night I got a bit drunk and ate chili cheese fries and went over. But only by 100 calories. So not too shabby. In a world where I use to eat 3000 – 4000 calories a day, 1700 calories is not too much.

Three things that are important to me for this week is:

1. Finish week 1 of Couch to 5k

So this is kind of embarrassing. I hurt my ankle because of the old shoes I owned and started the C25k program. So now I bought a new pair of shoes and will be starting it again. I need to get this going because I have my first 5k next month. This is going to be harder than I thought because yesterday I stepped on a piece of glass. But I’ll give it until Tuesday and then I’m restarting the program. I’m gonna be a runner baby.

2. Track ALL of my food this week

This is probably the hardest one for me because once it hits the weekend my husband and the roommate are like “calories don’t count on the weekend” and I’m like “well my stomach says other wise”. So hopefully this weekend I can keep tracking and not let the boys trip me up. I’m so determined to eat right and not mess up so it hurts when other people try to mess that up for me. I know they mean to be kind and let me have a “cheat” day, but I am not healthy enough to have the cheat days that they want me to have.

3. Eat 2 small snacks a day

This is probably the worst goal I am at. I do good but then I forget to eat before I go to work and then I’m end up eating like a piggy for dinner. It’s hard to cook dinner and have self control when all I want to do is stick my face in the pan on the stove and eat it all. I have to track my food while I’m cooking or else I will forget and end up tracking at 11 p.m. when I should be asleep.

These seem like simple enough goals, but for me they are pretty hard. I hope that I can keep my good behavior going for this week. I know that I have months of struggle ahead of me, but I need to just focus on this week. Right now. Confession moment though. I completely and totally relapsed into anorexia girl. Yesterday I only ate 700 calories and went to bed before 8 o’clock because I was so hungry but didn’t want to eat. I know I know it’s not really bad. I’m fat. I can go one day without eating. But for this girl it can turn into really bad. SOOO my goal to myself is to plan my calories for the day so I don’t have any more steps back in my health.

Iphone Dump- because we really haven’t seen enough photos of me on the blog.

phone429 184

This was my outfit from Thursday. The shirt is from Torrid and I love it. The pants are also from Torrid and I’m in like with them. They are really long at the top so my fat just doesn’t fall out, but I’m sad that I need that extra fat coverage. Sigh. I also went half blonde half red with my hair recently. Not to be all full of myself but it looks good.

phone429 189

My husband is a bit….hairy. And he is a bit self conscious of it, I mean I don’t care, but he does. He actually tried shaving his chest once and I wouldn’t allow it. I’ve become so use to it. Well I sent this to him because I thought it was HILARIOUS and it’d cheer him up.

phone429 190

My son just saw me putting this photo up and goes “Mommy that’s me being a fatty”. Hahaha. Oh he was We did s’mores and he completely crushed them. Like I have never seen a kid eat food that fast before. Sigh. Oh and kuddos goes for me cause I didn’t eat any. I helped them create them, but I didn’t even sneak a bite.


One thought on “Weekly Goals Link Up

  1. One of my goals is to track everything this week as well! My weight watchers meeting leader said that we only track food the days we want to lose weight and it’s oh so true haha. Make sure you keep eating too! If you don’t eat enough your body will go into starvation mode and hold all your weight. Hope this week goes well!

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