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My worst supporter in weight loss

I have started to realize my husband will be THE WORST supporter in my weight loss. Not that he wants me to fail, but he just is horrible at being supportive.

I am really obsessive about logging all the food I eat and making sure I keep within the allowed calories, and if I do go over (which yes has happened but not more than 150) by how much. I love seeing something physical on my phone that says how much I have eaten and what eating this many calories will do for my ultimate weight loss goal. It’s inspiring to be to see how well I’ve been doing. It’s also inspiring to me to see even though I failed at Wednesday, that I have and can do better.

Side note: That piece of glass in my foot has gotten worse and worse so trying to run on it is miserable.

My husband after finding out that I lost 5.8 pounds in one week commented that he wanted to eat more like me. That was the best compliment that he could have ever given me. I mean I felt so much pride in my actions that with just 2 weeks of changing my habits he stated that I inspired him. It made me want to do better than what I already do.

Not even 3 days later he told me that I “obsess” over my calories and I should just “eat until I’m hungry”. I almost attacked his face. I have hunger pains at time. I was hangry. How dare he! Who does he think he is? I cannot just eat until I’m full because I’ve done that. Guess what? It made me fat. Who cares about calories? I do.

I have been making healthier choices in my eating habits even just after two weeks. I can tell when I’m full and not just eating to eat. I’ve eaten been craving healthier foods.

The thing that boggles my mind is that my husband isn’t even effected by my lifestyle change. No one is. I buy corn tortillas for me for taco nights and flour for them. I just “skinny” dishes that are casseroles. Or I’ve switched beef to turkey. He even stated that he didn’t even realize it until I told him. I still buy their “fat” food. Like S’mores and ice cream cake.

So why can’t he just let me count my calories? Why can’t he just keep his mouth shut about his negative opinions? Why does he state things like “I don’t think you need to loose a pound” when I just entered the twenties in my pant sizes?

Sidenote: being honest about my pants size is really hard.

Does anyone else experience this kind of difficulty with their spouses? It hurts my feelings that he says and acts the way he does. I support him every time he chooses to lose weight. I throw out the junk food. I cook ALL healthy food. But when it comes to me losing weight, he’s just a A-hole about it.



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