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Another Linky Party


So I’m kind of in love with link up parties now. They give me inspiration on days that I have none and they give me a sort of direction that I want certain stories to shape. Obviously I have a voice and a story. I just didn’t know how to shape it at first. I always felt like my post never connected and never really told a whole story. Now I can see how my story is coming together. Well my rambles are starting to connect better. Onto the story now.

Let’s focus first on last week’s goals. And remember I’m writing this on Sunday so this is Monday through Sunday type of deal.

Finish week 1 c25k – Let’s chalk this up to a sport’s injury. Okay okay I got a piece of glass in my foot while I was walking and it’s still not healing. I’m thinking that this week I am going to go to the doctor to look at it. So this one was a complete and utter bust. I guess it’s not an excuse that I wasn’t able to do this because I am physically hurt and couldn’t help it. But I did sign up for my first 5k that is in 2 weeks.

Track ALL my food this week – Surprisingly this was the easy one. I was able to track everything and it was AWESOME. I could physically see after I binged that I didn’t blow my whole day. Maybe I was over 3 days this past week. But I was under for the week so I know I didn’t blow it ALL. This journey is about finding balance. Sunday I lost all my self control and ate everything that was in my way. I couldn’t stop. We saw a movie and I just couldn’t help myself from getting popcorn. If I had just stopped there I would have been fine. At least weigh in isn’t Monday. Tuesday morning the scale might be a cruel cruel woman.

Eat 2 snacks a day – I did eat 2 snacks a day. But I ate my second snack at like 10 o’clock at night. So we will call this a push. I didn’t win this, but I didn’t fail at it. My late night snacks are always what pushed me to the brink of going over my caloric intake. But my late night snacks saved my sanity this week. This week was a ROLLER COASTER RIDE. Thursday I woke up to a screw in my tire, had to take the son to school, I was late for work, and I just didn’t have the patience to deal with an emergency at that point. So I sat by the tire and just cried. Yeah. I had a mental breakdown. Got it together and got everyone where they needed to go. Eventually.

So this past week was not my friend. We are going to call this past week hell week. Next week will be my friend. I know she will be. There cannot be anymore holes in my tires because I don’t have enough fix a flat to fix another flat.

Now onto my goals for this week:

1.Finish Week 1 and 2 of C25k

This might be a bit overboard, but I don’t give a hoot. I am going to do this. Jess from Operation Skinny Jeans is my inspiration for this goal. She said “Make a goal and go for it 100%”. And this past week I was running on 40%. Who cares that I had a nail in my tire? If I had fit an early morning work out, I would have see the nail when I went to the gym and gotten the car to the shop at 6 instead of 9. Which brings me to goal 2.

2. Go to the gym with my husband in the morning Monday – Friday

I did this already at 6 a.m. this morning. Oh goodness it was a ROUGH morning. But I did it. The only way I’m going to finish C25k is if I get my butt into the gym and do it. I have the biggest gym motivator living with me. My husband loves early morning gym. This will also help me go to bed sooner. I know how much of a happier person I am if I go to bed before midnight. I usually get to bed on time 1/2 of the week, but this will help me get there more often. This will also help me get to my goal of 30 pounds in 10 weeks.

3. Not go over calories for the week

I did really bad this past week on this. Well not REALLY bad, but bad enough that I noticed. Heck Sunday I pigged out. And it’s my fault. I went to work on an empty stomach and with no snack. When I got home I started STUFFING my face. I mean I inhaled food literally. It was bad and ugly. When I told my husband I hadn’t eaten since 8 the night before and it was like 1 the next day, he understood why I was hurting.

Man I really thought out those goals this time. They are really big goals too. But I want big things for me. I want to achieve big goals. I want to lose an ultimate goal weight of 130 pounds. I finally decided how much I wanted to lose. And I never ever want to find those pounds again. I need to set high goals for myself because I want something bigger I want something better. I want to be able to go back to college next year (2014) and sit in those tiny desks and not feel my stomach touch them. I want to be able to shop for size mediums. I want to be able to look at myself and go “damn I worked hard for this body”, not “damn maybe I should have skipped that cheeseburger”.


2 thoughts on “Another Linky Party

  1. Thanks for your sweet comment! I’d definitely call you brave too – a 5K in two weeks? I’ve got plans for one in September :). Good job on the early morning workouts! When I could actually drag my butt to 5:30 am Spin, I usually had a great day!

  2. Thank you for your comment. I did reply back to you on my blog 🙂 Good luck with C25K, but always remember you’ll need rest days. You don’t want any injuries, I tell you this from experience 😉 Great job on getting up early today! Get it, girl!

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