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Weigh in Wednesday, on a Thursday.


So my post is late. That is all I’m going to comment on that.

So I skipped last weeks weigh in because I was WAY OFF TRACK. I mean I was stuffing my face with everything. First it was Mother’s Day, you can’t diet on Mother’s Day. Then my brother was in DC so we went down to see him and I was depressed for a day. Then I had my period and NO ONE diets during their period. Again, it was the loop of excuses. Then I stepped on the scale and guess what? I GAINED WEIGHT. yeah go figure. You gain weight after eating like a piggy for 10 days. But I got back on track, and a current flu bug, so guess who has lost the weight that she gained? This girl! My weight loss journey is going to be hard. I knew this when I began. So seeing a gain on the scale scared me back into being healthy.

Goal by June 25: -30

Ultimate Goal by the time I die (lol): -130

4/23: -2

4/30: -5.8

5/7: -4.2

5/14: +3.6

5/22: -4.4

Total: 12.8 lbs

If I buckle down and focus for these next five weeks, I definitely have a shot at getting to my goal weight by the time I am in Texas. Heck an extra stomach flu wouldn’t hurt either on my goals for weight loss. So now after writing this I’m going to climb back onto my couch and watch the season finale of Nashville and wallow in self pity for being sick.

I hope the rest of you have a better week that I do. ha.



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