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How to Make Homemade Almond Butter

So right now there are TONS of fade diets out there. Gluten free, carb free, and those nasty protein cleanses. To all of those people who have Celiac disease, this isn’t towards you. For all of those who think those cleanses work, WRONG. Go buy protein drinks and eat clean, guess what, it’s the same exact thing. But my one sentence of rambling isn’t going to convince you. So who care.

Well I’ve been “crunchy” for quiet some time now. I mean I make my own breads, laundry detergent (well right now I use store bought because we have someone staying with us), I even make my own tortillas. Well this month I told my husband we were going to try to make our own nut butters. This month I only picked up almonds since we will only be here for 1/2 of the month. Between college graduation and vacation we have a very very busy month.

Homemade Almond Butter


Blender or a food processor.

I personally have a Ninja, so it went pretty fast. The lower end the appliance is, the longer it takes. SO I’VE READ. I waited three years to get a blender, and I invested in a good one so it wouldn’t break. I don’t judge if you have a lower quality appliance.


1 pound of Almonds (the more natural the better)

I got  an all natural almond. It was salted. Next time I would choose to get an unsalted almond choice. All natural almonds in Jersey costs about 7.50 a pound. In Texas they cost 7 dollars a pound. Organic almonds are about 11 dollars a pound


1. Put almonds in blender and turn it on.

2. This will take 10 – 30 minutes depending how many pounds you put in your blender and how good of quality you have of appliance.

3. Stick in a jar and put in the fridge. From my reading, your almond butter will last any where from 2 weeks to a month in the fridge.


– 1 pound of almonds in my blender made about 19 ounces of almond butter. You would think it would make 16 ounces of nut butter, right? I don’t know. There was liquid in my nut butter.

– Your blender will get hot so I would take a break every 5 minutes or so.

For the amount of almond butter that I got it would have cost me over 9 dollars at the store and not all almond butters are made equal. You really need to read the ingredients list to your favorite . I also know what ingredients are in my almond butter. I love the fact that I made this and it is super tasty. It actually doesn’t taste much different from peanut butter. My kids loved eating it straight from the blender.



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