Weigh in Wednesday 5/8/2013


Bleeehhh. Another weigh in. I have a love/hate relationship with the scale. I love that it says I loose weight, but hate that it’s not already at my goal weight.


Also I want to mention that writing these blogs on my BIG OLE MAC is so much easier than on the itty bitty laptop. I can actually see what I’m typing. Then again I’m not being a lazy bum laying on my couch while typing this. Now that I have figured out my ultimate goal, I know have the bigger picture planned out. I don’t care if I miss it by five pounds or even ten, but I need something to work to for the rest of my life. This journey isn’t going to end in a year or in ten. I will always have to focus on eating right and being healthy if I plan to live for ever. And I do mean FOR-EV-ERRR.

Goal by June 25: -30

Ultimate Goal by the time I die (lol): -130

4/23: -2

4/30: -5.8

5/7: -4.2

Total: -12

I need to put in here that on My Fitness Pal tracks from my weight when I first first started, so I changed it recently. You should also add me on there! Click here and find my profile. I really like seeing people weigh in and loose weight. All but 1 of my current friends are not using it anymore. I really feel that it’s inspirational to see other people’s weight loss and know that it is possible.

So how did I get two amazing weight losses 2 weeks in a row? Honestly? I have no clue. Just kidding. Even though I pigged out on Sunday, I started going to the gym in the morning on Monday. I’m not going to lie to you, going in the morning makes me EXHAUSTED for the rest of the day. But I know that the one work out gets me one step closer to my goal weight everyday. With now doing the C25K I’ve noticed that I can eat a lot more now. And I need it. With getting up that early I’m starving earlier now. Early morning work outs are really helping me get those 2 snacks a day in.

It’s also nice because whenever I want to give up on going to the gym (and I mean I try to give up about 15 times before I step foot on that treadmill) my husband is so encouraging. I posted recently here about how he is my worst supporter. But I sat down and talked to him and I told him what exactly I needed from him. Is he a changed man? No. But does he now understand where I’m coming from and attempts to help? Yes he does. And that’s all I can ask of him. To attempt to help like I attempt to loose weight. If you have someone in your life that is sabotaging your weight lose either on purpose or by accident, talk to them. They probably don’t even realize they are doing it. You are changing you right now, and that means your relationships with not only food is going to change, but with other people. My husband and I already are getting closer because of this. We get an extra hour in the morning to spend with each other. I mean it’s huffing and puffing on the treadmill but it’s nice to just see him.

So I am obsessed with Jess from Operation Skinny Jeans. Honestly. Her 10 week challenge is really kicked my butt into gear. I realized that just tracking my food was going at 70 percent. Well last week I had a piece of glass in my foot that was still stuck so I had to get it removed, so I couldn’t work out. But this week I can work out at 100 percent. So why wouldn’t I find time in my schedule? I have no excuses. I work at a gym. I am there almost everyday. I am going to push myself this week and next week I will find more inspiration and kick butt then. So go out this week and either take inspiration from the weight you lost or get mad at the weight you didn’t and ask yourself, did you work at 100 percent? If you did then awesome job and do it again, but if you didn’t, change that. This is our journey to change not only our bodies, but the way we think.

What are some of your biggest motivators?

Right now mine is Jess from Operation Skinny Jeans and Amber from Crafty Healthy Mommy. I just love to see success stories because now I know how real it can be. Eeck if you have more sites to share or even photos, I would love to see them!